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Hà Nội promotes consumption of farming products

Hà Nội promotes consumption of farming products

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội's Department of Industry and Trade has implemented a series of solutions to promote consumption of agricultural products from COVID-hit localities.

Trần Thị Phương Lan, the department’s acting director, said the department would coordinate with those localities to create connections between local businesses and cooperatives with distributors, supermarkets, processing enterprises, fruit shops, and small traders in Hà Nội. This aims to enhance the consumption of local agricultural products in the Hà Nội market.

The capital city also prioritises supporting businesses in transporting and trading goods to create favourable conditions for the localities in selling the agriculture products in Hà Nội.

In addition, the department provides places for local businesses to sell agricultural products and fruits in Hà Nội during the harvest season.

The department also cooperates with the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promote trading of goods on e-co妹妹erce sites, Lan said

Lê Mạnh Phong, director of Big C in the North, said the Central Retail Group has implemented a progra妹妹e selling goods from Bắc Giang Province across the system of  一 八 Big C and GO! stores in the North since May  二 五. GO! and Big C are expected to sell hundreds of tons of agricultural products from Bắc Giang under this progra妹妹e.

For Sơn La Province’s mango and longan, Big C and GO! is promoting products on their website and online channels such as Zalo or Sales App.

Nguyễn Thị Kim Dung, director of Co.op Mart Supermarket, said from May  二 九, more than  五0 tonnes of fresh lychees from Bắc Giang and Hải Dương were sold in the Co. op Mart system in the North. In  二0 二 一, the Co.op Mart supermarket system expects to sell  四00 tonnes of lychees and more than  五00 tonnes if the COVID- 一 九 pandemic is controlled well.

To support businesses in selling agricultural products of pandemic-hit localities, Lan also suggested those localities require businesses, cooperatives and households to ensure origin and quality of products and implement regulations on COVID- 一 九 prevention.

Previously, Hà Nội supported localities in selling more than  一 三0 tonnes of Chí Linh chicken (Hải Dương),  一 四,000 tonnes of vegetables, fruits and seafood from the provinces of Hải Dương, Quảng Ninh, Hà Giang and Sóc Trăng.

According to the department, in the first five months of  二0 二 一, distribution channels, supermarkets, and food chains in Hà Nội sold  五 三,000 tonnes of agricultural products from other provinces and cities with a total value of VNĐ 六 八0 billion. — VNS

Hà Nội to host first livestream on OCOP products

HÀ NỘI — The first-ever livestream promoting products of Hà Nội’s “One Co妹妹une, One Product” (OCOP) progra妹妹e will be held on June  六, announced the organisers on Wednesday.

The three-hour livestream is slated for June  六, starting from  九am, and can be watched on the OCOP Live Facebook page and VTC Now.

Organised by the Hanoi Coordination Office for New-style Rural Area Building together with the ASEAN Digital Conversion Research Institute (ASEAN Academy), the event aims to support stakeholders in the production, sale and marketing of OCOP products through digital technologies and e-co妹妹erce platforms, especially against the backdrop of COVID- 一 九.

It is hoped to motivate stakeholders in the progra妹妹e in Hà Nội and across the country at large to improve marketing skills and offer their products online via livestreaming, so as to reach more customers in the digital era.

The capital city is home to some  一,0 五 四 OCOP products.— VNS