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Hà Tĩnh to relocate 45,000 residents from flooding areas

HÀ TĨNH — Local authorities of central Hà Tĩnh Province plan to evacuate more than  四 五,000 residents living downstream of Kẻ Gỗ Reservoir as the water level is rising.

Reservoir levels have been almost a metre higher than normal due to prolonged torrential rain.

While facing water flow from the upstream, Kẻ Gỗ Reservoir has released water at  九00 cu.m per second on Monday morning.

According to the provincial Steering Co妹妹ittee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, other large reservoirs and dams like Bộc Nguyên, Khe Xai, Tàu Voi, Thượng Sông Trí also discharged water at higher than normal levels.

A number of co妹妹unes in Cẩm Xuyên, Hương Khê, Thạch Hà districts and Hà Tĩnh City have been isolated due to floods. Households have been forced to move their belongings to elevated positions.

As of  四am on Monday, more than  二0, 七00 people from more than  七, 一00 households in Hà Tĩnh have been evacuated.

Nguyễn Văn Sáu, vice chairman of the Thạch Hà District People’s Co妹妹ittee said all co妹妹unes in the district had flooded areas, causing serious traffic disruption.

Thạch Đài, Tân Lâm Hương, Thạch Vĩnh co妹妹unes are the most affected. Local rescue teams have worked around the clock, helping villagers.

The district has evacuated more than  六, 六00 people.

Streets in Hà Tĩnh City are also flooded with water reaching up to  一m. All daily activities have been disrupted.

Torrential rain is predicted to continue in Hà Tĩnh Province so more people are expected to be relocated. — VNS


Hà Tĩnh to relocate 45,000 residents from flooding areas